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We changed our name! Beeson Pervious Concrete is now Pacific Pervious Concrete, same great service, with a new name!

Pervious Concrete is fast becoming the paving material of choice for many designers, contractors, developers and municipalities in Southern California. Then unique porous structure allows for more efficient land use by eliminating the need for retention ponds, swales and other stormwater management devices and in doing so, has the ability to lower overall project costs on a first-cost basis.

Beeson Pervious Concrete, now Pacific Pervious Concrete, is an award winning company, fully NRMCA Certified as Pervious Concrete Craftsman located in Southern California. Our service area includes Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pasadena, all the way to north San Diego County. We are true experts in the design, supply and installation of Pervious Concrete and guarantee you a quality product, personal service and true peace of mind.


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Dear Bill,Your installations of pervious concrete at The Wharf is an outstanding demonstration of what this normally pedestrian material can become when constructed with care. The insightful design and construction of lighted blasted black conventional concrete pavement and black pervious concrete softens the open pervious texture making it a more inviting and intriguing pavement. I will use this project as an example of both design and construction in my promotional efforts.

David J. Akers
Senior Engineer
California Nevada Cement Association


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